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Personal Wellbeing

Continue living independently with the reassurance that you will be alerted should you forget to take your pills or have an accident at home.

Personal Wellbeing Products:

Pendant alarm
Pill Dispenser
Enuresis Alert

Safety at Home

Feel confident and safe in your own home with sensors designed to alert you to bogus callers, floods, gas leaks and fires.

Falls & Mobility

Gain independence and freedom with these sensors designed to keep you safe in case of falls or blackouts.

How they Work

Help with the push of a button

What our customers say

“I wanted to thank you for your patience in listening to all my questions and to compliment you on the way in which you ‘do your job’. You come across as professional, efficient, thorough and yet, at the same time, friendly. I was very impressed, thank you.”
“It took me a while to get used to the fact that I needed it, because I thought I am not old, but feel safe now.”
“The children know when the alarm has been activated, and it makes us all feel safer.”
“From the time you press the pendant this service is superb. Thank you very much”
“The alarm was more than useful, it is a lifeline, and I wish all old people could have a lifeline, it’s a necessity. I couldn’t be without it”

Our promise to you

Peace of mind is only a call or click away

A friendly quick and professional response to all calls received 

You can remain independent in your home, in the safe knowledge that you can call upon help at any time if you need it.

Equipment that can be tailored to your requirements

Help at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 

Equipment installation within 24 hours of referral where possible or a time that suits you

Peace of mind and support to carers that you can manage on your own

Regular maintenance checks, free of charge 

Reliable and easy to use equipment in the event of an emergency

A useful aid for added security